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Meetings are added to the app by establishing an ongoing connection between this site and an official area website. Use this checklist to determine your eligibility.

Why Can't We Just Email You the Data?

We don't accept manual uploads of data because it's our priority that the app maintain accuracy over the long term. We don't want our users relying on sporadic updates.

Basic Requirements

  1. We welcome participation from AA service organizations, such as those listed on AA Near You. (Participating organizations are either Intergroups, Areas, Districts, or International GSOs.)
  2. These organizations must choose to participate. (They may opt out at any time.)
  3. They must list meetings on their public website.
  4. They must make their listings available in a format that we can sync up with (either via our free WordPress plugin or by using a custom database).

WordPress Plugin

We developed a free WordPress plugin called 12 Step Meeting List to help you manage the meetings on your website and display them in a searchable, mobile-friendly manner. If you're already on WordPress, or considering it, then this is a great way to get started quickly. Once you're set up, simply contact us and we will add you to the app. Once you're added, there's no effort required other than keeping your website updated. Your changes will flow out to the app automatically.

About 75% of the areas we serve use this plugin, places such as New York, Austin, and San Jose. Want to know more? Check out the plugin's page on the WordPress plugin directory, and watch this short screencast video on how to set it up.

Custom Database

If you prefer to use another system, that's no problem. About 25% of the areas we serve use custom systems, places such as Los Angeles, Ottawa, and Annapolis. We'll just need to do a little work to get you set up, but after that there's no ongoing effort required. You simply continue to update meetings normally and the changes will show up in the app.

The goal is to make a script that outputs your meetings as a simple array in JSON format. It should look something like this:

		"name": "Sunday Serenity",
		"slug": "sunday-serenity",
		"day": 0,
		"time": "18:00",
		"location": "Alano Club",
		"group": "The Serenity Group",
		"notes": "Ring buzzer. Meeting is on the 2nd floor.",
		"updated": "2017-05-31 14:32:23",
		"url": "",
		"types": [
		"address": "123 Main Street, Anytown, OK",
		"region": "Downtown"

Don't worry if your system doesn't have all these fields, just contact us with what you have, and we will work together to figure it out. The minimum fields that are required to list a meeting in the app are name, slug, day, time, and enough address information to find it on a map.

Here is a live example JSON file as a reference. To test your feed, try our validator. For detailed information about the spec, as well as sample starter scripts, check out the Meeting Guide Spec on GitHub.

What If We Need Help?

Please get in touch. We are happy to help you get connected. We have helped sites switch to WordPress, offered free hosting, and come up with custom solutions for unique situations.

In a few cases, we've created a standalone meeting finder in WordPress that matches the appearance of a website on another platform.