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This app respects your privacy. No personally-identifying information is collected.

Locations are used to perform searches, so geographic coordinates are transmitted off-device whenever you execute a search. However the app does not indicate whether the coordinates come from a device's actual location or from a keyword search. And since no personally-identifying information is collected, the system does not know which searches came from which devices.

The Apple and Google app stores provide information on how many times the app was downloaded, as they do with every app.

Like many websites, we use Google Analytics to help us determine how much the app is being used and what features are the most popular. This does provide us with a rough sense of what areas have the most users, but not no personally-identifying information about our users. We are tracking things like:

  • What screens in the app are the most popular.
  • What proportion of users use the filters in the side menu.
  • What proportion of users tap the share meeting buttons, and what meeting that was.
  • What proportion of users get directions to a meeting, and what meeting that was.
  • What proportion of users favorite a meeting, and what meeting that was.
  • How often a user searches and how many results they get.
  • How often users search by current location vs a location text search. We do capture the text that's searched for, in order to know what's important to our users, but we don't capture the geographic coordinates of current location searches.
  • How often our users experience errors, such as an API or geocoding error.

Because we do not show ads, we do not have any ad-tracking features enabled, such as IDFA tracking.

If you have questions, please get in touch.